Jazz Heels Masterclass with Teresa Buckman!

Thursday, October 17th

6:00-7:30pm $15/registration

If you are a fan of hip thrusts and big movements on the floor or across it, then this heels jazz dance workshop is for you! Explore the more mature movements of jazz that your recital school jazz classes never taught you. Relive your love of jazz and release your inner Bob Fosse. Wear comfortable leggings or dance attire, heels that are socked / have heel covers and knee pads encouraged.

You can expect minimal floor work to include crawls, planking to bodywaves and disco kitty body rolls, and leg styling. Across the floor work to include kicks at your own comfort zone, and vogue poses in lunges or walks with hinges back in the hips. Center floor work will warm up the movement vocabulary that will be used to perform in a short combo for the class to enjoy. Playfulness and self expression of the choreography encouraged!