Client Accounts!

Introducing a new payment feature for access to all services, faster checkout and the best discounts, including private Pilates and personal training!

Lauren Childs, Owner / Pilates Instructor

Lauren Childs, Owner / Pilates Instructor

How It Works:

1) Set up your account with our front desk staff by making an initial payment (minimum $200 to start).

2) Book any of our classes or private Pilates / personal training through the MINDBODY app. (you will not be required to process payment to sign up!)

3) Our staff will check you out at the end of each sweat session and simply deduct the amount due from your account balance, no matter if it’s a group class or private training. You don’t need to do anything!

4) We’ll send you a notification when your account balance is getting low so you can reload anytime (minimum reload amount $100)

5) Did we mention the ACCOUNT DISCOUNT? Account holders receive an exclusive discount on all services! No promo codes, no limited time offers, just a good old fashioned price break.

Private Pilates / Personal Training

Account discount rates

Group Fitness Classes

account Discount Rates

Equipment-Based Fitness Class: $25.00

Dance & Group Fitness Class: $9.00

Private Pilates / Personal Training: $65.00

Pilates / Personal Training Duet: $35/person (2 people required to book)

Pilates / Personal Training Small Group: $25/person (3 or 4 people required)

Account Features:

Use your account balance to pay for ANY SERVICE WE OFFER! With a client account, not only do you always get the best discount rate that we offer, but the freedom to book any class or session at that discounted rate. While we do offer class and private training packages, those are limited to one specific service. For example, if you purchase a 10 pack of Pilates equipment classes and then decide you want to try yoga or dance, you’ll need to pay separately for the desired class, as the package you have bought is only redeemable for Pilates equipment classes. However, if you’re set up with a client account and decide you want to try a kettlebell class, you’ll automatically receive the most discounted session price we offer without having to buy a separate package or drop in.

Trainers/Instructors (left to right): Chris Maloney, Jarvis Garvin, Liam McMahon

Trainers/Instructors (left to right): Chris Maloney, Jarvis Garvin, Liam McMahon